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Show Off Your Team Spirit!

The Wild Bird Shoppe is less than a mile from Purdue University in West Lafayette. We’re proud of our Boilers, and know you are too! Boiler up with unique Purdue-themed yard accessories – and don’t forget to stop in to see special seasonal or limited-time Purdue items.

Purdue Flags

Show your colors in the garden with a Purdue garden flag. Is there anything that says school spirit like a team flag snapping in the breeze? Show your colors in the garden with a Purdue garden flag.

Limited Time Only: Purdue Birdbaths and Planters

Deck out your yard in black and gold! Your team spirit will attract plenty of birds looking for a bath, and we feel that flowers blooming out of a Purdue pride planer have a little special something, too. Hurry though; these Purdue yard accessories are available for a limited time at The Wild Bird Shoppe! 

Purdue Gnomes

A Purdue Garden Gnome is a gift they can use from Wild Bird Shoppe in West Lafayette Indiana.These little garden gnomes are also Purdue fans! Surprise your Purdue grad, parent, or any other fan with a charming gnome to decorate their garden or home. The gnomes are painted resin and about 11” tall – but their team spirit is sky high!

Team Sports Colored Bird Feeders

These bird feeders are painted in your team’s colors. Get a black and gold bird feeder to show your backyard birds that they’re in boiler country. 

Painted bird feeders are also available in other colors; the IU red and white is another popular choice locally, for those bird lovers who are a bit further from home.